Top Coat Body Repairs provides all aspects of car body repairs in Norwich and throughout the surrounding areas on Norfolk. Alongside our car body repair services, we undertake SMART repairs, car paint jobs using our modern spray booth, paint work correction, wheel refurbishment and repairs, insurance work and more. Our team have years of experience in the industry and have completed jobs of all sizes on all the services we can provide. If you are looking for car body repairs or any of the other services mentioned above, then please book in for your service using the enquiry form today!


Car Body Repairs

Has your car been scratched or dented? Here at Top Coat Body Repairs are team have a great deal of experience in undertaking all types of car body repairs on any size of vehicle. From complete car body destruction and dents to swirl marks and deep scratches, we can help. Use the enquiry form to book your service today!


SMART Repairs

SMART repairs are perfect for light bumps, scratches, small dents, paintwork damage and more. Using efficient and modern repairing methods, we can undertake all repairs quickly saving you time and money. Book now for your free quote!


Wheel Refurbishment

The wheels and alloys of a car can make a big difference in terms of 'good looks' and style. Accidentally driving or reversing alongside a kerb can really cause damage and deep scuffs / scratches to wheels and alloys. Our team can help restore your wheels and alloys back to their original condition.


Paintwork Correction / Spray Booth Centre

We provide our customers with an affordable paintwork correction service to remove those light scratches, swirls and scuffs once and for all. This is perfect for someone who is selling their car or get it looking its best again. Your car will always be thoroughly cleaned to ensure there is no dirt, grit or fibres left on the paint surface and then the correction beings. Depending on your car type will depend on the paint used, but we have a library of brand specific paints and can always find a match. Bring your car in to get those paintwork scratches and swirls corrected today!


Insurance Work

Recently had a car accident? Our team is here to make sure your car gets back on the road as quickly as possible. Please get in touch with our team using the enquiry form to give us more information about your accident, the service you will require and most importantly, your insurance company details so we can find out the necessary information.


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